How to go vegan

Well Natural and the Nutrition Team at Body Fabulous have teamed up to launch ‘The Salisbury Vegan Challenge’. Have you been struggling with your weight, health issues or fatigue? Would you like to detox your system and try ‘plant based’ vegan eating? Maybe you are looking to make a longer term change and permanently adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Well Natural and Body Fabulous are hosting a ‘Go Vegan’ evening on Thursday 18th October 6-8pm where you will have the opportunity to listen to Amie Richmond and Andrea Burton from the Body Fabulous nutrition team, explain the health benefits of plant based eating for your health as well as help you avoid any nutritional deficiencies when swapping to plant based eating.

Following the talks all attendees will be able to shop in store receiving a 5% discount off EVERYTHING purchased on the night. Whether you want to slim down after the summer holidays or just explore another way of eating for your health then this fun informative evening will have you feeling fabulous in no time!

Tickets are £20 – available here. Talks are 6.15pm-7.30pm then store is open till 8pm for in store purchases.

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