So many of my clients don’t drink enough water and find it hard when I ask them to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres per day so I thought perhaps today would be all about hydration.

Here are some signs of dehydration:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramp
  • Flushed skin
  • Heat intolerance
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Dark and infrequent urine

Don’t forget that water makes up two thirds of your body weight and is essential for your bodily systems to function correctly. Just a few examples of what water helps to do in the body:

  • Transports nutrients and oxygen
  • Removes waste products
  • Controls your temperature
  • Lubricates your joints
  • Maintains the strength and shape of your cells

But how do you drink that much? There are plenty of good bottles on the market now (but remember to look for glass or those without BPA) that can encourage you to drink – the one I have is a Black and Blum bottle with a charcoal filter in it. The charcoal helps to remove all the nasties in our water and replenishes it with essential minerals. It’s also a great idea to add fresh fruit or veg into your bottle to give it a flavour – just choose your favourites – I often add slices of cucumber, mint leaves and cut strawberries. My bottle is 800ml so I know that I need to drink a couple every day to get my hydration sorted. But remember that herbal teas also count and I do drink a few of those too every day. Good luck on keeping hydrated!!


Today’s lunch was a rainbow!

I’m always telling clients to ‘eat the rainbow’ and it’s so easy! This little beauty took 5 minutes of chopping and was delicious. Red – tomatoes; green – lots of leaves, sugar snap peas, cucumber and celery; orange/yellow – baby sweet corn (I forgot the carrot!); white/brown – mushrooms; purple/blue – leaves. I added basil infused olive oil for healthy fats and some chopped chicken for protein. It was sprinkled with kombu seaweed for iodine and some nigella seeds for extra antioxidants and a fabulous flavour. Oh and a small amount of ground pink Himalayan salt and black pepper. Lovely!


Batch cooking continues…..

So my batch cooking promise continues and we have benefitted from having healthy meals in the freezer. Last weekend’s batch consisted of broccoli, leek and spring onion soup; low GL chilli; cauliflower Dahl and some more jar salads. Sorry no food pictures – I need to go on a ‘how to take good food pictures’ course!! This weekend will be another soup but not sure what else….. As I’m on ‘puppy duty’ today I am spending some time skimming through recipe books (and keeping an eye on what she is chewing) to decide on a couple of dishes. So…. as the food pictures were crap, here’s one of the puppy instead!!! Oh – and I am wondering whether to add a recipe page to my website – what do you all think, good idea or not? Happy rainy Friday everyone


What to do on a wet, dark Saturday afternoon….

I am always advising my clients that batch cooking is the best way to eat healthily when you have a busy life. So on a very wet and dark Saturday afternoon, what better way than to spend 3 hours in my kitchen. And the end result – a sweet potato, chickpea and leek soup; a lentil stew; a chicken curry; some spinach and mushroom wheels (a bit weird yes but using stuff up!) and an Italian meatball and rainbow veg stir fry with a tomato and basil sauce!! Tomorrow morning the slow cooker goes on with chicken thighs and LOADS of veg and I will do some jar salads!! That should see us through the week.


“Headaches are almost non-existent, I no longer suffer with bloating and my skin is starting to heal”

It’s so lovely to see that the changes clients make to their food and lifestyle can have such an impact on their lives. Amy has worked hard on cleaning up her diet and learning how to combat the stresses in her life and I am delighted at what she has achieved.

“I came to Andrea after suffering for over four years with headaches along with fatigue, bloating and skin problems. I tried countless methods including physio, acupuncture and prescribed medication from the doctors to help the constant headaches but nothing helped. Andrea took the time to listen to me and understand my lifestyle and my individual needs. She gave me an incredibly detailed plan which was very easy to follow and allowed me to make small but effective changes. I find the regular meetings with her very important as this helps me to stay on track and keeps me motivated even if I have a bad week. I have been following Andrea’s plans for the last 4 months and I am amazed that my headaches are almost non-existent, I no longer suffer with bloating and my skin is starting to heal.

“Andrea is very professional, knowledgeable, patient, approachable and empathetic and I intend to continue with this lifestyle change as the difference has been amazing, thank you Andrea!”


It’s been a great few days of lovely client reviews!

I went to see Andrea because my gall bladder had been removed and it had started to cause havoc with my bowels my general wellbeing and I had acid reflux.  I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t eat to help ease my symptoms. Andrea was very thorough and knowledgeable and she was really interested in my wellbeing which meant not just my food intake but my also my lifestyle.

And now – well I actually look forward to eating! I love my new breakfasts, I have found eating 7 portions of veg and 2 of fruit remarkably easy due to all the advice from Andrea and I’m just sitting down to a meal of salmon, roast butternut squash with garlic, broccoli, spinach and mushrooms. I’m feeling positive, absolutely loving my new ‘way of life’ because it has really worked for me and I am very thankful for all her help.

Andrea, thank you so much for everything: I have recommended you to absolutely everyone in Salisbury! My weight fluctuates less, my bowel movements are daily and I just generally feel better in myself with more vegetables in me!  You’re brilliant!


What a lovely comment from a client today.

I was recommended Andrea by my physio and I am very grateful for the recommendation. I have PCOS and really suffer with hormonal and pre-menstrual symptoms. This includes: 14 days before my period suffering with low mood, painful stomach, extreme tiredness, feeling angry and hopeless. For 50% of the time, I felt awful. I have tried going to the doctors for years, but all they do is offer anti-depressants or the pill. I’m already on the pill! By the time I went to Andrea I had lost hope. However, Andrea was sympathetic and really understood where I was coming from. Andrea is highly knowledgeable in her field, methodical and went through my food plan in detail and all of my daily living habits. I was not expecting miracles and Andrea did not promise that this would all resolve overnight. But Andrea has provided me with a detailed food plan: including a list of supplements. It is so easy to follow and the PMT symptoms are already feeling more manageable – and that’s after only 7 weeks of following the plan. The follow up sessions with Andrea help to measure how far I’ve come and what other supplements I can add to the already existing plan. For the first time in years, I actually feel like I have some control over my body. Thank you Andrea. I am excited to see how this progresses! 


The Body Fabulous Retreat

29th November – 1st December

Are you interested in a healthy, juice only retreat to get you feeling fabulous and ready for Christmas? Then read on…….

Take 1 or 2 days out just for you – a time to have a healthy clear out before the Christmas madness. Come on your own, with friends or with your partner, everyone over 18 is welcome and the retreat is open to men and women. This Body Fabulous juice detox retreat will be on 29th Nov – 1st Dec just outside Winchester in Hampshire. The retreat will be an introduction to juicing with fresh juices made for you throughout the day by our very own Juicy Jim from Juice Fabulous. The retreat will include yoga, mindfulness, tai chi, massage, exercise classes, health monitoring & testing, nutrition talks and juice workshops! Two night stays available for the full retreat package and we are also offering 1 day tickets for the Saturday or Sunday if you just fancy a healthy day out! You can book your place on the My Body Fabulous website. If you would like more information then please email info@mybodyfabulous.co.uk and mention Andrea Burton Nutrition. Go on…… you know you want to.