“I went to see Andrea for help with very low energy and erratic emotions which were really impacting my ability to live my life. I couldn’t walk my dog for more than 5 minutes or drive for more than 30 minutes without needing to sleep! Andrea was very thorough and probed gently with her questions. She was empathetic, calm and understanding and helped me to change my diet and lifestyle for the better. Within 4 months I was back walking the dog for 2 hours at a time, my energy levels have considerably increased and my sleep patterns have improved dramatically, no more long sleepless nights! I am so pleased that I went to see her.”


I contacted Andrea for help with my eczema and various exercise related muscular injuries. She was friendly, calm, understanding and patient whilst being knowledgeable and helpful. The nutrition plan was obviously well researched and she had gone the extra mile to ensure that I was well equipped to follow the plan. I am pleased to report that my eczema cleared up within 3 days and I now have the knowledge to ensure the flare ups are kept in check. Thank you Andrea.


I saw Andrea in 2017 for fatigue and weight related issues. The consultation was in-depth and very thorough which allowed her to build up a full history of my life. She is very welcoming and calm and i felt completely comfortable sharing my health concerns with her. Andrea’s advice on how i should move forward with my diet and lifestyle was explained in easy and simple terms – her knowledge and expertise was clearly demonstrated. I have no problem in recommending her to all those who need some help to gain control of an illness, to lose weight or to feel well whilst living a busy and stressful life.